Please Be Advised

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about the subject at hand, however we may show pictures that are graphic in nature and may not be suitable for all. We respect everyone and wanted to give a fair warning before you continue in this section. NO HATE MAIL please as we are just trying to bring you the most out of our research and our podcasts. Thank you!!!

#18 Unexplained Sounds - Friday Jan. 10th 2020t


Sorry for the first intro but I could not share with you all the fun of Corlyn's tunes even though the audio is horrible. Bare with us as we are still learning but always having fun. This week story is not what you would expect but we bring you strange and unexplained sounds heard around the world. Definitely not your ordinary tale.



#17 The Menehune - Friday Jan. 3rd 2020


Starting off the new year with a fun story from one of our listeners!!! Thank you Kittyfoy for writing us on iTunes and giving us a fun story to look into. This week we bring you the Menehune of Hawaii!! We super appreciate all who tune in and cannot wait to hear from you!!!!



#16 Myra Hindley - Friday Dec. 27th 2019

Serial Killer

With one holiday down and another to go we are excited to bring you our final story of 2019. Let's head over to the UK again as we listen to this tragic tale of Myra Hindley. 



#15 Colin Ireland - Friday Dec. 20th 2019

Serial Killer

Bringing you another great story about a killer from across the pond. Yet we have such a surprise for you as Corlyn is telling this tale of terror!!!! Colin truly had some mysteries to his killings and reasoning behind them not to mention he cruel acts on others. Sit back and Enjoy!!!!!


TBD soon basically waiting on Corlyn to send them to me durrrrrr......


#14 Lake Bodom Murders - Friday Dec. 13th 2019


Happy Friday the 13th everyone!!! We sure hope you are enjoying your day. Alexis has a fun story to bring to you which helps us understand the real life Jason murders at Lake Bodom which inspired the Friday the 13th movies!!!!



#12 Bigfoot - YETI - Friday Nov. 29th, 2019


So we have all heard of these creatures but do we really know much about them or where they came from? Alexis dives into these supernatural beasts and has some other fun in store for all you listeners out there.



#11 Shawn Grate - Friday Nov. 22nd, 2019

Serial Killer


#10 Ronald Doe - Friday Nov. 15th, 2019


Funny sometimes we are not familiar with the history of our favorite shows, movies, places and people. Alexis brings you a new exciting tale that is where the original exorcism which inspired the Exorcist movie to be made.