Please Be Advised

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about the subject at hand, however we may show pictures that are graphic in nature and may not be suitable for all. We respect everyone and wanted to give a fair warning before you continue in this section. NO HATE MAIL please as we are just trying to bring you the most out of our research and our podcasts. Thank you!!!

#26 Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell - Friday Mar. 6th 2020

Weird AF

Corlyn bringing you guys some serious late breaking news about these crazy folks and missing kids. This story is covering all tracks and completely off the wall you cannot miss it!!!!

References: Well its a Corlynasode so you know I'm waiting on her!!!!


#25 George Stinney Jr. - Friday Feb. 28th 2020

Additional Information

 Tough case this week as we finish out Black History month and want to slam in your faces some of that. Meet George a poor 14 year old poor sentenced to death. Alexis has an emotional time bringing you the facts so you have been warned this will pull on the heart strings a bit. 



#24 Pazuzu Algarad Pt. 2 - Friday Feb. 21st 2020


Welcome back to part 2 of this wid story where we dive into the victims and the aftermath. Sit back, drive along, or just simply get those headphones on and enjoy the tales end to this creep.

YouTube Video Link:


#24 Pazuzu Algarad Pt. 1 - Tuesday Feb. 18th 2020


Well well well our little sinners we wanted to surprise you this Tuesday with a Part 1 to our story on Pazuzu Algarad the satanist murderer. Alexis took such pride in getting you all the first part earlier than you expect so we hope you enjoy and will have part 2 on your normal scheduled Friday morning!!!


Documentary on Viceland Call “The Devil You Know” Recommend watching for sure!


#23 Jesse McBane and Patricia Mann - Friday Feb. 14th 2020


Sinister Shorty this week as Corlyn dives into a mystery to find out another podcaster has done a massive over take of the case. We could not do it justice so we bring you some hard facts and invite you to listen to this tale of lovers and mystery.


The Long Dance Podcast by Eryk Pruitt


#22 Lavinia Fisher - Friday Feb. 7th 2020

Serial Killer

Join The Sanctuary this week with such a treat to discuss the wicked Lavinia Fisher. We do not want to give out too much info as this is a great story for many of you history buffs!!!



#21 Bell WItch - Friday Jan. 31st 2020


Bringing it to the South in Tennessee with the Tennessee Bell Witch story.  We are certain you have heard of this before but do you know the real story behind the movies? Hang with Alexis and Corlyn this week to hear this juicy ghost story!!!


Research on multiple movies and documents at the library. I keep it old school at times


#20 Ant Hill Kids - Friday Jan. 24th 2020


Well the sisters are back with another crazy tale from Canada about a cult leader named Roch Theriault. Sit back and enjoy this story coming at you by Corlyn as it is a gruesome adventure down the rabbit hole.

References: Waiting on Corlyn Again, hoping she sees this and realizes she never gives me her references. But if not I am sure she did much research online through the interwebs. Corlyn goes at her stories hard to bring you the best facts she can find. 


#19 Russian Cannibals - Friday Jan. 17th 2020

Serial Killers

Taking it over to furry hats and snow, talking about the Russian Cannibals found in 2017 who admitted to killing and possibly eating 30 plus victims. Take a fun ride in this tale while Alexis brings you the details of this gruesome couple.