Sister of Sinister Sanctuary

Alexis King

Howdy there I am Alexis one of your fearless hosts here at the sanctuary. Super excited to bring you some unheard stories and the fun crazy discussions of my sister and myself. 

I was born in Billings MT in 1983, the ripe age of when technology was taking a new direction. Moved to Phoenix AZ when I was 4 and I have lived here since. Since I was little I loved horror movies and the adrenaline of being scared. I think it was about the age of 7 or 8 when I watched my first scary movie poltergeist. Now let's admit this was a thriller and had me on the edge of my seat and intrigued. I couldn't wait to get to the next movie and what was in the story and the fright. I am sure I had a few nightmares but would never tell anyone. 

I have always been what some say gifted. I have been very sensitive to energies and spirits. Spent most of my teenage life looking into different cultures and stories as I would experience many things personally. Growing up in a spiritual nurturing home was the most beautiful gift and I have learned to embraced this at this time of my life. So get used to hearing my positive loving shenanigans as I dive into very heavy and dark tales. I truly believe in balance so sharing with you all both sides of my light and darkness.

My Motto? "Ghosts are Friends, People are Scary"

With that said I will do my best to bring you the paranormal while my sister is more into true crime and serial killers. Each of us will switch it up as we take it as a learning lesson on human behaviors and are always excited to work together. 

I have an amazing teenage kid who keeps me on my toes, it is great to share with him scary movies and slight frights around the house. Very lucky to be a mom and grateful for everyday I have with him. He is very smart and very kind he is my heart and life force. I look forward to seeing what the future holds.

As you can imagine juggling work, mom duties, and side items such as this can be hard but I enjoy spending time with family. My son helps with set up and editing, watching Corlyns' faces when I tell her stories, and dragging our Mom on to talk through some creepy movie is always a blast and full of laughs. I hope you all enjoy the banter along with the facts. 

"I want to create emotion within when you see my art images"

I have been fortunate to have some folks like my face and have taken some amazing images throughout time. I am excited to bring many unseen artists to light and hopefully you all enjoy them as well.  I share a passion for art and many types of it. I have enjoyed and been honored in every image here by them and continue to collaborate to bring my visions to life.

My sister Corlyn and I are far in age, 7 years to be exact, yet one thing throughout time we have connected on was scary, dark, horror type stuff.  I have been lucky to have her guide me through haunted houses (yes the fake ones), movies, documentaries, books and also have her join in on this fun gathering with you all. We are complete opposites and I find that to be very exciting for our shows, but always connected and having a blast doing this. And in the end that is what counts, be with family and have fun, laughs, good food and good scares. 

Sister of Sinister Sanctuary

Corlyn Nelson

Hello fellow Sinners, I’m Corlyn your other (actually pretty fearful) host! I blessed my parents with my existence December of ’89. I was born and raised in Phoenix and was your average angry middle child. Oh Jan! From as early as I can remember, I have loved horror films. I can remember early memories of the family watching Puppet Masters, Hellraiser, Phantasm, Chucky – you get the picture. I always will appreciate my mother’s love for Sci-Fi and Horror and the fact that she shared that with me and my sister. She had no idea the impact it was going to make.

Leaving me with a taste of fascination, I dived into the idea of becoming a Forensic Psychologist. This was something I started late – and after kids, but I’m a firm believer you can do anything if you want it bad enough. But fuck, you guys. College is hard with a full-time job and kids. Kuddos to whoever has accomplished this, I’M NOT WORTHY. Nothing is off the table, but for now, the podcast has now given me a reason to feed my lingering need for serial killer research.


"Sometimes you are just in a stabby mood"

As a mother I was hoping of one day to share my fixations with the creepy’s and the crawlies to my littles. Turns out, some people don’t like scary things, especially my oldest. To be honest, my youngest is kind of a creepy crawly but besides the point, I’m slightly crushed. We can only hope that one day as

they age, so will their ability to just make mom happy AND LOVE SCARY MOVIES GOD DAMNIT.

What makes this podcast different from all the rest is its authenticity. Whether we are in front of a mic, or at home with our mom on the couch, we will always be the same weird and freaky sisters. Being able to do this with Alexis might drive me crazy (kidding ;P) but it will always remind me of the fun we have while researching, recording, and creating.