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Welcome to the Podcast of Terror being brought to you by the Sisters of Sinister Sanctuary Alexis and Corlyn.  Each show will bring you fright as we explore the realms of the supernatural, paranormal, urban legends, serial killers, true crime and much much more!!! Let's just say it is our little asylum of sin.........

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Podcast of terror

Join The Sisters each Friday for a new tale of terror as they dive into the darkness of  True Crime, Serial Killers, Horror Stories, Scary Ghosts and also the Paranormal and Supernatural. Switching around the subjects each week keeps you listeners on edge in suspense waiting for what the next tale is about. 

New Mascot!!!

We have our mascot sinners and sinnerrettes!!! His name is Cain which is very suitable for his chaotic ways. Be on the look out for his adventures on our social accounts plus his inclusion in our fun photos we bring to you!!!

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It is a super honor to hear form those listening in with us, we love to hear about stories you grew up on, items you like us to dive further into or just say HI!!!!!! We have an easy form to use to contact us or feel free to write directly to

How we came to be

That fateful day

Coming back from a long a road trip we began listening to true crime podcasts, like Crime Junkie and Morbid being some of the favorites. Alexis became hooked as her fascination over the  strange and peculiar is always looking for an outlet. Just 2 months later we launch Sinister Sanctuary as my sister and I grew up in this open house of terror and fright.  

Welcome all Sinners

We know there are a lot of sinners out in this world and we welcome each and everyone of you to join us on Fridays to express and listen in to our madness and fun. We have a range of items that should tickle your brain so come on by as we are on most podcast platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, Apple Podcasts, Podbean, and Castbox just to name a few.

..........Sin Is In..........

We all have a little bit of interest into the dark and morbid parts of the world. Alexis and Corlyn are not afraid to find the unseen or unheard of stories around the globe and bring them directly to you.

About US

Want to know more about the sisters and how they got started sharing they scares and terrors with you all? Click below to read about your favorite Sinnerettes!!!!

"The sisters are entertaining and fun"

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We look forward to hearing from you!!! Please send us your thoughts on episodes and any suggestions for sinister stories you would like to hear. We love looking into the dark corners that reach this world and we are excited to find others just the same who love the bit of thrill.